Our Mission

Our mission is to provide wealth education, entrepreneurship  and employability skills training for women, young people and children to help them become independent, self-sufficient and to thrive. We do this through an army of volunteers, our holistic and sustainable development model, Victorious Ambassadors.

Start Schools is a yearlong educational programme in local school offered to school children that nurtures entrepreneurship and employability skills and gives them the tools to become self-sufficient in the future. Our aim is to catch them young and so that they can in turn help others along the way thereby creating transformative social change in the society.

VICTORIOUS Day and Youth Empowerment Day are a series of annual events that celebrate youth achievement and the difference they are making in their local and global communities. VICTORIOUS Women Day and Women’s Empowerment Day (WED) are annual summits celebrating entrepreneurship and empowering women to build stronger families through better employment and financial options.

At VICTORIOUS, we also organise workshops and events in schools, colleges and universities throughout the year to provide not only entrepreneurship, financial and employability education but to offer grants for further education and business startups. We also organise fairs, festivals, competitions, and business networking events. See all our events here.

Our podcast is anchored by Mo Okenla and it can be found at https://soundcloud.com/

If you would like to be part of this exciting movement please contact us.